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Happy Chinese New Year, 2018 the Year of the Dog!

真玉玉牌 . 风水玉吊 . 生肖手机鏈 . 手鏈 . 翡翠 . 和田玉 . 玛瑙 . 黄玉 . 紫袍 . 绿水晶

2017 Year of Rooster 鳮年


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The Lucky Zodiac Animals in 2017: No.1 Ox. Click for a Free Feng Shui Charm or Necklace!

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FREE Chinese Zodiac Fengshui Jade Lucky Charms for Chinese New Year!

Chinese Zodiac Rooster (2017) Fengshui Lucky Charms or Necklaces with Red Envelope

Green Rooster Jadeite Rooster Red Rooster Green Rooster Green Rooster Lucky Money Purple Rooster
軟玉 Chinese Green Jade Charm 翡翠 Burman Green Jade Necklace 玛瑙 Agate Necklace with Back Words 岫玉 Chinese Large Jade Pendant 绿玉 Large Chinese Jade Necklace 古錢 Ancient Chinese Coin Charm 紫袍 Chinese Zipao Jade Necklace
Xiuyu jade Rooster pendant rooster jadeite pendant red agate rooster pendant rooster chinese jade pendant Chinese jade large rooster necklace ancient money purple jade rooster
$2.99 On Sale $29.99 $9.99 $4.99 On Sale $4.99 On Sale $7.77 $9.99
Disclaimer: Feng Shui and Chinese Zodiacs are part of the Chinese culture for several thousand years in Asia. We collect and introduce this knowledge for information only, not as a formal advice.
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