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Happy Chinese New Year!

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dog chinese zodiac symbol

The Dog Fengshui Chinese Zodiac Symbols 

Year of the Dog: 2018, 2006, 1994, 1982, 1970, 1958, 1946, 1934, 1922, 1910. Note: The Chinese New Year may begin at January or February. If you were born at January or February, you may need to refer to the Year in Chinese Lunar Calendar. Click for Chinese New Year's Day in every year.

A Suitable "Animal" is Perfect as a Partner, Coworker, or Married with you. The Dog will get along Well with the Horse and the Tiger, but have to Avoid the Dragon!

Other Fengshui symbols for a Dog: fruit;

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Advantages of Dog people: Honest, intelligent, generous, loyal, faithful, dedicated, faultfinder, a good secret-keeper, caretakers, excellent in business, fine traits, reliable, always trying to do best, helpful, renowned for justice.

Disadvantages of Dog people: Selfish, eccentric, obstinate, coldness toward social affairs, aloofness, detest small tasks, too stubborn, introverted, cynical, worry too much, sharp tongue, too fault finding and sarcastic.

Career: Fortune is so-so. Just work carefully step by step and safely spent a year. If participating in workplace competition, you may become a victim of the others' struggle.

Fortune: No surprise, wandering in the low and medium areas. Spending money is much easily, you have to keep money in your wallet.

Romance: Affection may hurt you. A partner may want to break the emotional dilemma and you have to make concessions and sacrifices. Singles have more lonely, need more patience for waiting.

Disclaimer: Feng Shui and Chinese Zodiacs are part of the Chinese culture for several thousand years in Asia. We collect and introduce this knowledge for information only, not as a formal advice.
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