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Happy Chinese New Year, 2022 the Year of the Tiger!

Gong Xi Fa Cai 恭喜发财 -May You be Happy, May You be Wealthy in the New Year!

year of tiger虎年

The Zodiac Secret of Your Life -Find Your Suitable Animals

12 Lucky Horoscope Animal Symbols of the Chinese Zodiac Symbols Made of Genuine Asian Green Jade Tied with a Feng Shui China Knot, which is made from only one red or colorful string by hand, stands for luck & love, health and longevity, bring good luck for you everywhere! Create good luck for the New Year, for a Birthday, for your Children, Parents, Wife or Husband, or for a Good Friend!

A Chinese legend: You may Turn ill luck into good if you hang up a Chinese Zodiac Symbols or Fengshui Charm in your car or room. That's why so many Chinese people hang up a lucky charm in their car. The Chinese Zodiac Symbols animals are personalized for your birth year to show your good luck and fortune! Designed to bring about the best possible life situations for you and your family, Feng Shui symbolism will help you toward your goals.

What are the benefits of the Chinese Zodiac Symbols Fengshui Jade Charms?

Jade is good for your health. When you wear a jade item, the jade is warmed up by body temperature, it may emits long-wave Bio-Spectrums, Negative Ion to eliminate harmful waste toxins from your body.

Jade was the Royal Gemstone and the Stone of Heaven in China and Asia, as the Emperor Seal in the Palace, as the totems and revered as the essence of Heaven and Earth in eastern religion. It was the Symbol of Power and Associated with Heroes, and stood for morality. It is not only a decoration but also a symbol of ethics and norms. At one time, rich Chinese businessmen and high-ranking officials used jade as money. The wealthy Chinese families used personalized jade tassels to differentiate their classes. The Chinese believed that jade ornaments could prevent invasion of evil influence and secure safety. The Taoists believed jade could keep one physically immortal. The jade carvings are used as amulets to protect people from diseases and keep their Buddhist faith strong.

Each symbol is suspended on a quality cord, with a delicate tassel beneath to allow them to be hung easily or even worn as jewelry. Used it as a Feng Shui Symbol to Promote your health, Improve your relationships, Encourage wealth and good fortune! Hang Up in Your Car, Your Office, Your Bed Room, Your Kits' Room. Place Beside the Cashier or Counter of Your Business, beside Your Computer or Use it as an Amulet or Talisman, as a Fengshui Charm, as a Necklace or Key Chain jade pendant, or as Cellular phone and Hand Bag Ornaments!

What are Your Suitable "Animals"?

A Suitable "Animal" is Perfect as a Partner, Coworker, or Married with you. Click Your Animal Sign for Your Advantages & Disadvantages, Feng Shui Symbols and more!

rat zodiac signThe Rat will get along Well with Dragon and Monkey but have to Avoid Horse.
ox zodiac signThe Ox will get along Well with Snake and Rooster but have to Avoid Goat.
tiger zodiac signThe Tiger will get along Well with Horse and Dog but have to Avoid Monkey.
rabbit zodiac signThe Rabbit will get along Well with Goat and Pig but have to Avoid Rooster.
dragon zodiac signThe Dragon will get along Well with Rat and Monkey but have to Avoid Dog.
snake zodiac signThe Snake will get along Well with Ox and Rooster but have to Avoid Pig.
horse zodiac signThe Horse will get along Well with Tiger and Dog but have to Avoid Rat.
goat zodiac signThe Goat will get along Well with Rabbit and Pig but have to Avoid Ox.
monkey zodiac signThe Monkey will get along Well with Dragon and Rat but have to Avoid Tiger.
rooster zodiac signThe Rooster will get along Well with Snake and Ox but have to Avoid Rabbit.
dog zodiac signThe Dog will get along Well with Horse and Tiger but have to Avoid Dragon.
pig zodiac signThe Pig will get along Well with Goat and Rabbit but have to Avoid Snake.
Want to Know tips to easily Remember All of them? Click for the Magic Circle of 12 Chinese Zodiac Animals.
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