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Happy Chinese New Year, 2018 the Year of the Dog!

鼠 牛 虎 兔 龙 蛇 马 羊 猴 鸡 狗 猪

Year of the Monkey

The Monkey Fengshui Chinese Zodiac Symbols 

The Year of the Monkey : 2016, 2004, 1992, 1980, 1968, 1956, 1944, 1932, 1920, 1908. Note: The Chinese New Year may begin at January or February. If you were born at January or February, you may need to refer to the Year in Chinese Lunar Calendar. Click for Chinese New Year's Day for every year.

A Suitable "Animal" is Perfect as a Partner, Coworker, or Married with you. The Monkey will get along Well with the Dragon and the Rat, but have to Avoid the Tiger!

Other Fengshui symbols for a Monkey: treasure gourd;

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Chinese Zodiac Monkey (2016) Fengshui Lucky Charms or Necklaces with Red Envelope

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Advantages of Monkey people: Intelligent, inventive, successful, skillful with hands, fast decision maker, clever, magnetic personality, make close friends, entertaining, good memory, well informed, more famous than others.

Disadvantages of Monkey people: Easily discouraged, sometimes dangerous, not trusted, problem maker, talk too much and chatter, overlong explanations for tiny things, contemptuous of poor and weaker, like expensive gifts, inclined to others more powerful than them.

The Prospect of this Rooster Year for the Monkey: Good luck rate among 12 animals: #3.

Career: Have a larger space to display your talent. Win the leadership, trust and appreciation from colleagues. Opportunity to come one by one.

Fortune: Financial resources are opened for your business operation. Salary income may be rising step by step. The only thing lacking is higher spending.

Romance: Lucky flower is blossoming; Love good, marriage is timing.

Fengshui Zodiac Items in this Rooster Year for the Monkey: Green Jade Rat or Dragon or Rat and Dragon zodiac animal signs.

Disclaimer: Feng Shui and Chinese Zodiacs are part of the Chinese culture for several thousand years in Asia. We collect and introduce this knowledge for information only, not as a formal advice.
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