Jadeite 翡翠

Jadeite 翡翠

Jadeite -the Hardest Jade in the World

Celebrate 2020 Chinese New Year -the Year of the Rat,

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Jadeite is naturally light to dark green but may be cream, gray, white, or a mixture of white and light green. Occasionally also yellow, pink, purple, brown, and black or dark-red (more Fe). It is brighter, more vivid colorful and wear-resistant. Jadeite is a mineral made up of Sodium (Na) aluminum (Al) silicate (Si), chemical formula is NaAlSi2O6, hardness is 7.0. 

The more valuable common form of Jadeite today, known as "Imperial Jade", is emerald-green (more Cr) or burgundy (more Fe) in color, is called Feicui Jade 翡翠. Most Feicui stone is exported from Myanmar (Burma) to China (a few from Yunnan Province of China) where it is carved into gems and figures and known as "Chinese Jade" which is actually "Myanmar (Burman) Jade", to distinguish it from all other jade. "Chinese Jade", especially "Chinese Jadeite" has a higher market value all over the world, more valuable than Mexican Jade, Russian Jade, American Jade and Turkey Jade.

Most jade items sold on our website are Chinese (Myanmar) Jadeite. We sell the true jade items or high quality jade simulants (agate, yellow jade, Dong-Ling jade and so on) but Not the very high quality jade jewelry which may cost you from $100 to $10000 each.

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