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Happy Chinese New Year, 2022 the Year of the Tiger!

tiger chinese zodiac symbol

The Tiger Fengshui Chinese Zodiac Symbols 

The Chinese New Year's Day is February 1, 2022. The Chinese New Year's Days are also called the Spring Festival. The Spring Festival lasts 10 days, the Tiger Year lasts one lunar year (12 months) --until Jan. 21, 2023.

Chinese Lunar Calendar began in 2697 BC when the Yellow King became king. 2022 is the 4722nd Chinese Year beginning from Feb. 1, 2022, the Year of the Tiger.

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Chinese Riddle: There was a story from China many years ago ... The first time a US president visited China was President Richard M. Nixon in 1972. He asked a great Chinese writer, Guo Moruo, a riddle: There are 12 items you can give to 1.2 billion Chinese and everyone gets one. Do you know what they are? Mr. Guo knew the answer right away, of course. Do you know? (See the answer on the bottom of this page to find out.)

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Do Not Know which Feng Shui or Zodiac items for you or someone you love? Just Click Your Zodiac Animal link below to find out your Suitable Animals, Advantages & Disadvantages and Feng Shui Items for you in 2017 -the Year of the Rooster!

Your Zodiac Animal Sign: If You Are Born IN or AFTER Chinese New Year's Day at That Year
Rat , Mouse 2/07/2008, 2/19/1996, 2/02/1984, 2/15/1972, 1/28/1960, 2/10/1948, 1/24/1936, 2/05/1924, 2/18/1912
Bull, Ox, Cow 2/11/2021, 1/26/2009, 2/07/1997, 2/20/1985*, 2/03/1973, 2/15/1961, 1/29/1949, 2/11/1937, 1/24/1925, 2/06/1913
Tiger 2/1/2022, 2/14/2010, 1/28/1998, 2/09/1986, 1/23/1974, 2/05/1962, 2/17/1950, 1/31/1938, 2/13/1926, 1/26/1914
Rabbit, Hare 2/03/2011, 2/16/1999, 1/29/1987, 2/11/1975, 1/26/1963, 2/06/1951, 2/19/1939, 2/02/1927, 2/14/1915
Dragon 1/23/2012, 2/05/2000, 2/17/1988, 1/31/1976, 2/13/1964, 1/27/1952, 2/08/1940, 1/23/1928, 2/03/1916
Snake 2/10/2013, 1/24/2001, 2/06/1989, 2/18/1977, 2/02/1965, 2/14/1953, 1/27/1941, 2/10/1929, 1/23/1917
Horse 1/31/2014, 2/12/2002, 1/27/1990, 2/07/1978, 1/21/1966, 2/03/1954, 2/15/1942, 1/30/1930, 2/11/1918
Goat, Ram, Sheep 2/19/2015, 2/01/2003, 2/15/1991, 2/28/1979, 2/09/1967, 1/24/1955, 2/05/1943, 2/17/1931, 2/01/1919
Monkey 2/08/2016, 1/22/2004, 2/04/1992, 2/16/1980, 1/30/1968, 2/12/1956, 1/25/1944, 2/06/1932, 2/20/1920
Rooster, Cock, Chicken, Hen 1/28/2017, 2/09/2005, 1/23/1993, 20/5/1981, 2/17/1969, 1/31/1957, 2/13/1945, 1/26/1933, 2/08/1921
Dog 2/16/2018, 1/29/2006, 2/10/1994, 1/25/1982, 2/06/1970, 2/18/1958, 2/02/1946, 2/14/1934, 1/28/1922
Pig, Boar 2/05/2019, 2/18/2007, 1/31/1995, 2/13/1983, 1/27/1971, 2/08/1959, 1/22/1947, 2/04/1935, 2/16/1923
*Example: If you are born IN or AFTER 2/20/1985 (Feb. 20, 1985), you are the Bull (this year's animal sign); if you are born in 1/1/1985 to 2/19/1985, you are the Rat (last year's animal sign). Please Note that: If you were born at January or February, you may need to refer to the Year in Chinese Lunar Calendar. You are the animal sign of last year if born before the Chinese New Year's Day at that year. Click for Chinese New Year's Day in every year in 100 years.
Want to know your Suitable Animals? Click to find out.
* The Answer for President Nixon's riddle is: 12 Chinese Zodiac Animals.*
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